Our Guests of Honor have been chosen for their exceptional contributions to the furry fandom, the diverse and entertaining social landscape that we all enjoy. Join us in showing them the respect they're due at Furry Fiesta 2016!
Guest of Honor: Laura Garabedian
Laura Garabedian grew up surrounded by animals, and her love of them has been translating into paintings for most of her life.
She is primarily a watercolorist, but is constantly trying new media and loves experimenting with new styles and techniques in her artwork. Currently living in Colorado, the state she truly loves, she takes the chance to travel whenever possible, loving the ability that this career grants her to enjoy all of the pursuits this world has to offer. When she isn’t painting she tends to be outside, horseback riding, rock climbing or hiking with her friends and her dog (a llama – afghan cross).

Guest of Honor: Sophie Cabra (Spain Fischer)
Sophie Cabra (also known as Spain Fischer) has been in the furry fandom for ten years, her very first con being in 2006. She has since ventured into art, fursuits, and comics. She started working as a full time artist and fursuit maker in 2009 after graduating UCF and has been loving it ever since.
Her latest project is Caterwall, a graphic novel following the adventures of Pax the cat. It's being published by Sofawolf Press in 2015 and will be at TFF! She resides in Colorado and SCUBA dives and snowboards in her free time.

Guest of Honor: Perro
Initially finding furry when 1,200 baud modems were a thing, Perro started to become active in the community after college by organizing Carolina Furs meets in Charlotte, NC. After moving to Chicago in 2004, he split his time between working in the legal industry, volunteering at Wolf Park, and moving up the ranks at Midwest Furfest.
Previously Programming Chair, he served as Chairman for the last three years. Because he is never busy enough, he also makes fursuits in his spare time, plays hockey, rides sport bikes and pedal bikes, assists other conventions and partakes in good (and often bad) beer.