The Furry Fiesta art show brings a room full of furry themed artwork to our convention attendees in a casual, pleasant atmosphere. Like one of the works on display? Give your favorite piece of art a new home! Most of our pieces will be up for bid in a silent auction.

How to bid
  1. REGISTER (It's free as an attendee!) to bid on the artwork in our gallery. If you plan to bid, you must register with the Art Show staff in the Art Show Gallery. This can be done at any time during the show, but must be done before you can place a bid.
  2. VIEW lots of artwork. Identify the pieces you MUST have.
  3. BID on the work by scribbling your bidder number (not your badge number) with your bid on the bid sheet.
  4. WIN with the top bid and the artwork comes home with you!

You can bid on multiple artworks and as many times as you want to ensure that you are the winning bidder. But you don't have to be a bidder to enjoy the show. Furs of all species love browsing art and you are no exception, so come on in and see all of the amazing artwork that the Art Show has to offer. Enjoy the show and happy bidding!

What's in it for you? For just $10, you receive a 4x4 panel to display your work. Then, without having to staff a table, hundreds of furries will be able to view your art throughout the convention. Established artists continue their relationship with a grateful audience, while newer artists begin to build name recognition. Down the road, the exposure may generate the commissions that can fuel your artistic habits. Additionally, you can even have it up for bids in our silent auction style art show! 10% of the winning bid will be donated to our charity; everything else goes to you, the artist. Then finally, you’ll know that your art went to a good home with someone wagging tails and all.

*** 2016 Art Show is sold out, but do stop by and check out all of the awesome artwork that we have up for auction. ***

The Artist Packet has all of the documents you'll need to register. Please download it here. Please read it in its entirety as it has been recently updated.

Art Show Pricing
Full panel: 4' X 4' (pegboard) - $10.00 (General or Adult)
Half panel: 4' x 2' (pegboard) - $ 5.00 (General or Adult)
Table Space: 2' x 3' (half-table) - $15.00 (General Only)
All artists participating in the Furry Fiesta Art Show are subject to a 10% commission charge on final total sales.

Please don't hesitate to write us if you need assistance or have questions or concerns.